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Engine Centre offer a supply only option for all units at the most competitive prices. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze seal ranges of engines, gearboxes and turbochargers are available in most cases for next day delivery throughout the UK for those customers who wish to supply their chosen installer or for garages to purchase themselves for their customers.

With the complexity of modern vehicles in many cases fitting of major components such as these can be far from straightforward. Many components, such as engines and gearboxes will have components and ancillary items which may require diagnostic intervention. This can include resetting and programming etc. which is a precise operation requiring specialist diagnostic computer equipment, skill and experience to be undertaken correctly.

As we offer the best warranty available in the industry (up to 5 years) we reserve the right to ensure that in the event of a supply only purchase that the installer has the correct equipment to facilitate the installation correctly. This will avoid any issues after installation in the event of a warranty claim. Unfortunately we will be unable to supply units to individuals or garages who do not possess the correct diagnostic equipment.

We have a dedicated diagnostic support team who can offer assistance to garages when installing engines, gearboxes and turbochargers. Just email info@enginecentre.com with your query and we will be happy to help.

DSG gearboxes and clutches cannot be supplied to anyone who is not an approved DSG installer with the correct certification. This is due to the manufacturers who will not offer any warranty on these products unless they are fitted by an approved garage. Engine centre have the official status of LUK accredited DSG installation Partner.

Exchange units

Virtually all our competitors and manufacturers will charge you an upfront surcharge fee on your old unit. This is to ensure the old unit comes back after installation so that the recycling process can continue. In many cases these surcharges can range from as little as £350 but can be as much as £1500 depending on make and model. When they receive the old unit back it will be inspected and if there are any major defects which mean it cannot be recycled then the surcharge will not be refunded. In many cases these surcharges do not get refunded which then adds a considerable addition to the previously expected cost of replacement.

It should be noted that Engine centre DO NOT charge an upfront surcharge fee for any of our units. We also DO NOT apply in any event a surcharge to any of our Silver or Bronze units giving you total peace-of-mind that the price you were quoted will not be increased as the result of a surcharge. Only our Gold Seal units may have surcharges applied afterwards and prior to order we will discuss this at length with you to see if a surcharge may be applicable.

For further information on any of our supply only units please enter your vehicle details in the enquiry box and we will come back to you with a quotation for supply. Garages, installers and distributors can also visit our ‘Garage Partners’ page and sign up for further benefits and information.