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We will collect your vehicle anywhere in mainland Wales or England (Scotland, Ireland and Europe are available at additional cost - POA) and rebuild or replace your engine for the price quoted. The price will not rise regardless of the condition of your old engine.

Unlike our competitors we do not charge a surcharge if your old component is not serviceable. We will always require the old unit on an exchange basis and unless it is an unusual or bespoke component no surcharge will apply. If on the rare occasion a surcharge is applicable you will be notified at point of booking.


Prior to our collection of your vehicle by transporter, would you please remove all items of value from the vehicle as we will not accept responsibility for any items lost or damaged. For engines and gearboxes and cylinder heads the price quoted is for the mechanical component and doesn't include any electrical items, fuel injection system or exhaust. These parts will be removed from the old unit and fitted to the replacement one. Ancillary components such as clutches, dual mass flywheels, turbos, fuel injectors, starter motors or alternators if required are supplied at additional cost, unless agreed beforehand. We are a VAT registered garage and as such all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Quite often we collect vehicles in a stripped condition. This isn't a problem but we do ask that all the parts removed to be with the vehicle prior to us collecting. It is your responsibility to make sure all parts are in the vehicle when collected. In the event that any parts are missing there may be a charge applied for us to collect them or if they result in delaying the work schedule. The locking wheel nut key should also be available. Please retain your radio code as it may be lost when the battery is disconnected. Engines supplied are a "bare unit" and consist of Cylinder head(s), cylinder block, sump, and all internal components, and once fitted will have received new oil, new oil filter and a new cambelt (if required).

In some cases, the gas in the air conditioning system may be lost during engine replacement and will require refill by a specialist at additional cost.

We will extract air con gas during the repair process and refill on completion to the same amount of gas recovered free of charge. If we must fill with more gas than that recovered from the system, we charge a standard £25.00 + VAT. If you require us to re-gas the system from empty we charge £89.99 + VAT. In the event that there is no gas present we will not attempt to refill after completion unless specifically instructed as it would be presumed there is a leak in the system. During the repair process seals on air con systems may be disturbed and subsequently lose their integrity. We cannot be held liable for rectification in cases such as these.

We have no way of giving a definitive answer to the condition of your Clutch, DMF or associated components. We can, and will of course advise you if we think it is worn or damaged to such a point that it will affect the running, or use of your vehicle. If we advise replacement and you choose not to then we will not be held responsible for any problems encountered once your vehicle is complete

If your engine failure is connected to a lack of oil or oil pressure then there is a strong possibility that your turbo will have been affected. Turbos generally spin at 18000 rpm and require a constant high pressure oil feed, any interruption for no matter how short a time will cause either an instant total failure or premature wear, resulting in a gradual loss of power and high oil consumption. Worst case scenario is that a worn turbo fitted to a replacement engine can lead to another engine failure. We will advise if we recommend a replacement turbocharger.

Engine failures sometimes lead to contamination of pipes or intercoolers they can generally be removed and cleaned out for a small additional cost. Water radiators contaminated with oil are unable to be cleaned and will always require replacement.

When you receive your vehicle back you will be required to check your oil and water levels daily for the first 7 days. After that we recommend weekly checks of all levels and recommend servicing of your vehicle as per manufacturers guidelines or every 12 months / 12000 miles for the majority of vehicles.

We do not expect payment in full ‘up-front’ like most of our competitors. Payment methods accepted are Credit/Debit Cards (excluding AMEX), Bank Transfer, Cash and PayPal. Credit/Debit card payments can only be accepted by chip and pin if over £100. We do not accept cheques. If we are delivering the vehicle back to you payment must be received prior to delivery unless agreed by prior arrangement. 

You will notice from our website that we are very specific about what is covered and what is not, this is because we always try to avoid unexpected extras wherever possible, we discuss at length the problem with your vehicle before it arrives. We do this to make our customers aware of worst case scenario situations. Any sensible person would ring around for quotes, we urge you to do this too, but please, ask for the quote in writing and discuss what the price will be if your old engine cannot be reconditioned or if it is likely that other parts will be required. We will always upon request furnish you with a full written quotation for your peace-of-mind.

This is probably the most important question. If after your vehicle has been returned to you it develops a fault we will either pay for it to be repaired locally if it’s a minor fault (we pay £35 per hour). All works must be quoted for and approved by us in writing prior to being carried out and the garage must confirm that the cost will guarantee resolution of the problem. We will pay a maximum of £25 for a diagnostic report.  For more involved faults, we will collect the vehicle, supply you with a courtesy car and effect any repairs free of charge. We will also return your vehicle after rectification.  After 28 days our warranty does not cover collection or recovery, only parts and labour. In this case we would expect you to return the vehicle to us (if driveable) and we will supply you with a courtesy car free of charge whilst repairs are undertaken. If the vehicle is non-driveable then you must get recovered to us or we can collect for you at a specially discounted rate when we are in your area. Nowadays most car owners benefit from free breakdown cover via their bank or insurance company. If this is the case, please ensure that cover will relay your vehicle to the garage of your choice. We recommend the AA as they also offer a warranty which will pay up to £500 towards any repairs. The link to this can be found on the home page of our website.

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