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Buying Guide - Helpful Tips


buying tips

You obviously want to get the best for your vehicle, and at a reasonable price but please be warned there are lots of companies that will do or say anything to get your authority to collect and dismantle your vehicle. Once with them the engine will either mysteriously need more parts than you were advised of when booking your vehicle in or suddenly become unrepairable and have a surcharge placed on the price. Either way you end up paying much more than the original quote. Engine Centre will provide a fixed quotation in writing via email prior to your vehicle being collected.

The repairs you require are going to cost a lot of money no matter where you go. Naturally you want to get the best value for money and have a good job done. It’s human nature to be drawn to what may appear the ‘cheapest’ price but this is not necessarily the best and could end up costing considerably more. Remember if it appears to be ‘too good to be true’ it probably isn’t true.

Here are some tips and advice that should keep you safely away from getting caught out. It will save you time, money and a lot of stress if you ask these questions before you commit.

Do you have to pay any money up front?
If they are a reputable company and financially stable, why would you have to pay up front for everyday repairs. You don’t have to at a main dealer. If you pay in advance for repairs the company has your vehicle and your money. In the event of a problem or a dispute you are not in a good position.

Can you pay by credit card?
Any company that doesn’t allow you to pay by credit card should sound alarm bells ringing. If you pay by credit card for your repairs you have extra protection from your credit card company in the event of a poor repair. Non-reputable companies will not offer credit card payment as they know the customer will be able to get a full refund if there is a dispute.

How do they know my unit can be repaired if they haven’t inspected it?
Many of our competitors will quote for repairing your existing unit. Don’t believe them! Quotations on this basis are impossible to be accurate unless the unit has been inspected. How can you quote for a repair without seeing what damage has been done? It’s the same reason as why doctors don’t do diagnosis and prescribe medicine over the phone.

Can I have a fixed price in writing please?
Any company that are not prepared to give you a fixed detailed quotation in writing should not be trusted. A reputable company will always offer this for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is professional courtesy, and secondly, it gives the customer reassurance that the correct works are being quoted for and instructed to be done.

Can you see them on Google?
Many companies give minimal address information to avoid being seen on Google street view. Do your research and have a look at their business premises, many will be a lot smaller than they appear. If they are a reputable company, then they should have good reviews.

Why do I have to pay to have my vehicle collected?
You shouldn’t have to pay to have your vehicle collected. Any reputable company should have recovery costs built in to their price structure and offer it as a free service to the customer.

Do they offer courtesy free courtesy cars?
All companies in our business sector should have courtesy cars available. It is common knowledge that these types of repairs can take between 1 week and 3 weeks to complete so how will the customer manage for transport? Hire car charges can be several hundred pounds per week, an unnecessary expense if a courtesy car was available. Also, what happens if after the repair there is a fault, how will you manage for transport. It’s only fair that if you are trusting a business with your vehicle that they trust you with theirs.

Can they reprogramme ECU’s and injectors ‘on-site’?

Most vehicles nowadays require the ECU’s & injectors to be re-programmed after major component replacement. If this is not done, or even worse, done incorrectly it can cause damage to the components you have had replaced. Each vehicle make usually requires specific equipment and to cover all makes requires a big investment which any garages can’t afford. If they have to get a 3rd party in for re-programming this can dramatically increase your bill.

What companies do they regularly deal with?
A reputable company should have regular household names as their customers. Ask them what companies they deal with on a regular basis and don’t be afraid to ask them to send proof of their dealings with big companies.

Engine Centre can offer all of the following and are committed to get your vehicle back on the road in the fastest time at the most economical price.


FREE consultation and advice
FREE recovery & collection
FREE courtesy vehicles
Interest FREE payment option
Written quotation prior to collection
No up-front payment
Credit cards welcomed
Over 40 dedicated staff
15,000 sq. ft. custom workshops
A team of over 40 dedicated staff
Internal diagnostics department
Over 2000 units stock holding
Fleet of 7 recovery trucks
Fleet of over 50 courtesy vehicles
Regular household name customers