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Courtesy Cars

Courtesy Cars

*** Unfortunately courtesy cars are not available at this present time ***

At Engine Centre we offer every customer a courtesy car or van completely free of charge whilst repairs are undertaken to your vehicle. We are the only business of our kind in the UK that offer a service such as this and with such a wide range of vehicles.

We have over 50 vehicles in our fleet and unlike many garages who offer courtesy cars we have a range that can offer you a similar vehicle in most cases to the one you already have. The majority of garages who do offer a courtesy vehicle will usually offer a standard small car regardless of what vehicle you own. This can often be a problem for many customers who are used to a large family car but are given a small Vauxhall Corsa for example whilst their vehicle is in for repair. At Engine Centre we have a range of all types of vehicles varying from a small compact car, family saloons, prestige marques, 7 seater people movers and small and large vans. These are obviously subject to availability but we will always try to match a suitable vehicle wherever possible. This service is welcomed by our customers especially when you consider that a hire vehicle will usually cost in the region of £200 - £500 per week to hire.

Our courtesy vehicles can be delivered to your door completely free of charge at the same time that we collect your vehicle for repair or alternatively you can collect a vehicle at your convenience from our head office. We prefer that you add the courtesy vehicle to your insurance policy whilst in your care. If you are fully comprehensive on your existing insurance policy many insurers will cover you for a courtesy vehicle providing you notify them in advance, some insurers may charge an administration fee for this service. Our insurance policy will cover any driver with a full UK driving license providing they are over 21 years of age and have less than 6 penalty points on their license. There is however a £1000 policy excess with our insurance policy and in the event of an accident you would have to pay the first £1000 of any insurance claim made.

When repairs are completed on your vehicle you can either return the courtesy vehicle to us and collect yours, or alternatively we can deliver your vehicle back to you and collect ours for a nominal fee.

Our courtesy cars are also available free of charge in the unlikely event of a warranty repair. If on the rare occasion we have to collect your vehicle for any rectification we will also deliver you a similar vehicle so that your transport arrangements are never disrupted. No other engine /gearbox company offers a service such as this.

If you would like any more information on our courtesy vehicles or would like to reserve one please contact us and we will be happy to assist.